Viron säännöt etsintään

Do you live in Europe and want show your metaldetecting finds to finnish hobbyists.This is the place to do it. Use only English in this forum.
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Viron säännöt etsintään

Viesti Kirjoittaja Mikko76 » 03 Touko 2016, 12:40

Tässä tuore viesti museovirastolta


It is very good that you wrote to us!

In Estonia it is a bit more strict, you would have to take a special course and then you can apply for a license that would allow you to search for culturally valuable items. At the end of the year all license holders will submit a report of where you have searched, what have you found etc.

If you want to go to a beach with the detector it is another matter and I believe that for such purposes (coins, jewellery etc) you don’t need a license. However, if you want to go on a field then you need to have a permission from the land owner. Most of the fields in Estonia are privately owned, so going there without the owner’s permission and without a license for treasure hunting is counted as trespassing and as an offence.

It is the same in Estonia that you are not allowed to go on archeological sites and if you sinf something older you would first have to contact the Heritage Board. We have a national registry: There you can find information about archeological sites.

I have added Nele Kangert in cc, who is responsible for the use of metal detectors for finding culturally valuable items. If you have any more questions, feel free to write her! She handles all the reports from license holders and takes a look at most of the findings given over to the Heritage Board, so she knows everything 

Kind regards,
Margit Pulk
National Heritage Board Estonia

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Re: Viron säännöt etsintään

Viesti Kirjoittaja tiigerin silmä » 03 Touko 2016, 22:44

Kiitos,tiedostaa.Kun minä englantija en osa ,en tietenkin saanutkaan,säänöista. :wink:
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Re: Viron säännöt etsintään

Viesti Kirjoittaja thebeet » 14 Heinä 2019, 19:45

moro. oisimme lähössä viroon. tuon textin mukaan voisin siis ottaa paljastimen mukaan kun menisin rantaa tutkimaan?
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